Mobil (Calder Type)



You are looking at an outdoor mobil approximately 7 feet in diameter which is constructed of steel, fully painted and ready for hanging. This contemporary type of sculpture is distinctive from other types of sculpture in that it achieves expression through movement. (Normally, traditional sculpture achieves its expression through arrangement of solid forms, which is why this one is unique.) This Mobil is suspended from above so that it can move freely overhead on pivots. All the suspending wires are of stainless steel for a long life. They are mobils that present artistic interest not only in their shape, but also in their movement. They usually move as a result of natural air current. We feel that the movement is of greater aesthetic value than the actual shape, which are essentially abstract designs in a variety of shapes. The art concept here is based on two significant facts the beauty of the mobil and motion and the fact that your mind is free to think in terms of volume of space that the eyes cannot see!