Art and Design in  Metals/Wood/ Ceramics “Arte del Mundo”

In the spring of 1996 my wife Frederica , who is classically trained in art and design, decided to open a gallery “Arte del Mundo” ( literally translated Art of the World” reselling art ,importing all her work from Mexico, which is only 30 freeway minutes south of San Diego. The art work ranged from creative pottery to armoires including a good selection of oil paintings Diego Rivera style. One distinguishing feature was fountains which were only traditional and some that I designed which all sold as quickly as they could  be built.


This gave me the impetus to use some of the skills assimilated during my carrier designing chemical plants and remodeling our first home (see  before and after) .

So, as a hobby and for relaxation on weekends I began to build fountains and mobils and lamps not only Mexican style but  Italian. As I progressed with this work over a few years a variety of these artworks emerged which are illustrated  herein. Most of this craftsmanship involved metal fabrication, pipefitting, ceramics, glass, and pump technology. Choosing rustic and modern raw materials for fabrication gave me a vast resource ranging from aerospace scrap to raw materials from home and industrial buildings as well as used  rustic lumber.

To develop the patina on some of the objects aging with sea water or utilizing very old heavy lumber gave just the right  weathered  or aged look. Some of these tables look as if they have been in a monastery for 200 years.

So, many people have bought or asked if these objects are for sale.

Created in our studio at  Chase Ranch in San Diego California these objects can now be offered, on a limited basis, most of them one of a kind.

Lamps- design of ArcH Lampconstructed of glass, steel, and ceramic utilizes a foot controlled dimmer switch and a 100 watt tungsten halogen bulb. 




  Restoration of decorative circular 1920’s model “sailing ships candelabra” lamps with six 15 watt light bulbs fully painted with Philippine mica shades. Truly a beautiful original pieces. Manufactured with special steel castings, painted wired, and ready to hang overhead..

“Flower lamp”- a multiple candelabra lamp welded to a heavy steel base with 8 15 watt lamps and painted in Navajo Turquoise with highlights in malachite. This is truly an outdoor patio light or for a porch. Light includes a foot controlled dimmer switch.

“Tellaverra lamp”-hand painted  entirellary ceramic in Mexico in authentic Spanish Tellavera style this is the perfect lamp for a reading table or side tables in a bedroom.

“Flowering Vine Lamp” –These lamps are prototyped from an Italian country home and have been used in our home as night table lamps for over 40 years. This classic Italian design has been faithfully reproduced

in all metal construction of welded steel. Painted ivy green with a turquoise wash, with a three way brass socket and large 24 inch diameter beige shade.  This model is better utilized as a set

Southwestern Cactus Lamp- truly unique all wood construction from the exoskeleton of a dried and weathered cactus from the Mexican Desert. Mounted on a Mahogany circular base with a classic “leather like” beige shade and three way brass socket, the entire lamp is coated with a soft semi-gloss urethane clear finish.

Sea Sculptures

“Sea garden uno”-  Montecito California

Cypress knobs - Everglades Flordia     

“Sea Garden dos”- San Diego California

Art of Africa


Painting calla lilies



a] rustic redwood dinning table, with matching side table

            b] monastery  table  [ rustica terraza]

            c] [walnut finished  dinning tab l

 d]  Coastal Lemon-1 glass top lemon tree base-Channel Islands



Coral Collection Jamacia West Indies

Elk Horn Coral

Lettuce  Coral

Stag Horn Coral

Fire Coral

Brain Coral

Abalone Shells Channel Isands California

Blue Abaqlone shell

Pink Abalone shell

Ceramic vases

            a] Indian [tarra humara

            b] Navajo

            c] large high fired Italian terra cotta




(Calder Type) Outdoor mobil approximately 7 feet diameter constructed of steel , fully painted and ready for hanging.


a) 60 inch diameter  all stainless steel hemi-elliptical, with pump

b) cast stone and iron  “ West Wind”, with pump

c) cast stone “Lion”,with pump

d) ceramic  Telavera eternal cascade water in ceramic vases.with pump

e) Bamboo and slate table top fountain

Purchase of Fountains-: “Arte del Mundo”


Design principles

Factors affecting use and maintainence

Power requirements and pumps

Pictorial tour of items offered





Novel Arch Lamp

Monastery Table

(Rustica Terraza)

Mobil (Calder Type)

Glass Top Lemon Tree Table



Horticulture @ Chase Ranch

Grower of unusal /rare plants

Herbs and Fragrance

Genestra –Spanish Broom-Genet Espagne

Golden Sage

Purple Sage-Puranscens

Sage Broad Leaf

Italian Parsley

Otto Quasti Lavander


Habicanthus Robustus

French Lavender

English Lavender

Spanish Lavender


Clary Sage (Salvia Sclaria)

Salvia Leucanthia (mexican sage)

Basil Italian

Japanese Oregano


Rvella Brittoulana


Salvia Leucanthia

Eucalytus Citriodora

Aneneum Arboreum-Ferrengue


Aloe Hawthornia

Pink Jasmine

Mullenborgia Capilluris



Cactus and Succulents

Euphorbia Caput-Medusa’s Head

Haworthia Fasciata-Zebra Waworthia

Setcresea Pupurea-Purple Heart

Opuntia Turpiunii-Paper Spine Cactus

Scilla Violacea-Silver Squill

Aloe Cilaris



Washington Navel Orange

Eureka Lemon

Oro Blanco Grapefruit

Cocktail Grapefruit

Valencia Orange

Marsh Seedless Grapefruit

Mexican Lime


Livingstonia Australis[Australian Tree Fern]

Pindo Palm

Phoenix Canaryanthus

Cycad Revoluta

Triangle Palm

Chaemodora Costa Ricana


Chamedora Elegans


Orchids and Epiphytes


Cryptocerus Anthonanus-Anthony’s Zig Zag

Epiphyllum Oxypetalum



Fruit trees